Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fun Methods For Memorizing Math Facts

Need a new idea on ways to get your child to memorize his or her math facts? Want a way to help your child have more exposure to math? Play with them!

Math Bingo
Make Bingo cards by printing out this Bingo Template Page and filling in with numbers or math facts! Call out the math fact or number and have them fill out the card!

Race The Clock
We have started this, and G loves it! We started with a stack of 5. He was required to give answers to the 5 flashcards in 15 seconds. When he was able to do this, we added 5 more in 30 seconds. He uses the timer on my smart phone and does it himself. He loves a good competition, so, we haven't had any incentives yet except to get more cards. However, a little incentive might go a long way! Maybe each level would allow them into a "Math Facts Club", or they could earn computer time on a math website of their choice! 

Math Speed
Remember playing the speed card game as a kid? Why not use flash cards to battle it out in this high "speed" game of numbers?

Here's how you play:
  1. Place 2 cards in the center in front of the players. 
  2. On both sides of the 2 cards, place a pile of  5 cards each. 
  3. You should now have 4 piles of cards in the center, two piles in the very center with one card in each of them and a pile on each side of these two with 5 cards in each pile.
  4. Now, divide the remainder of the cards between the two players. 
  5. Each player draws five cards from his deck of cards and places them in his hand.
  6. To begin the game, turn over the two cards in the very center. 
  7. Each player then tries to play their cards from their hand onto the two cards in the center by either going up numerically or down. For example, if I had a 1+1 in my hand and one of the cards in the center is a 1+2, I can play on that card because the sum of my card is 2 and the sum of the card in the center is 3. I would play on that card because it would be in numerical order. 
  8. Keep laying down cards until someone runs out of cards and thereby wins!
  9. It is called speed, so, you don't take turns, you are laying down cards as quickly as you can!
Math War
Check out this card game called Math War that uses math facts! It's played just like you played war as a child, except you have to solve the math fact to find out who has the highest number!

The cards cost less than $5, but, I'm sure you could create your own by using flashcards. Mine like the cards because they are something different from the flash cards they learn on.

Go Fishing For Math
Go Fish with flash cards is a lot of fun! Use a set of flash cards that are blank on the back. You will probably need two or three stacks. Play just like Go Fish!

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