Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is ADHD And ADD Misunderstood?

The diagnosis of ADD in children is at its all time high, up from 7% to 11% in 2011. Some experts believe that 3 - 5% of children have a "disorder" called ADD. However, more than 11% of all school age students have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Are we sure that we understand this "disease"? Dr. Bruce Perry, a lead neuroscientist, has recently stepped forward to say that he believes ADHD is sorely misunderstood.

One way in which this "disorder" is misunderstood, according to Perry, is that it does not actually qualify for a disorder, but instead, is a group of symptoms. These symptoms, he says, are exhibited by every human being at some point(s) in their lives, so, should, therefore, be considered a description. 

Perry goes on to say that not only is the percentage of diagnosis's rising each year, but, the number of children being medicated is also increasing. He explains that we do not know the effects of medication yet. Furthermore, medicating a child who does not really need to be medicated is like treating a heart patient with painkillers. The cause of the problem is not found or addressed.

Some children have more of the ADD or ADHD "symptoms" than others. There are many evidences that many of the classic symptoms of ADD or ADHD are neurologically based. The National Institute of Mental Health describes ADD and ADHD as genetic, and may be, in part, caused by thinner brain tissue in the area of the brain associated with attention. Dr. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare, authors of Smart but Scattered, describe ADD as a weakness in the executive functions of the brain.  

Some experts believe that one reason that we are diagnosing so many children with ADD is because the way in which children are taught in public schools is counter to many children's natural method of learning effectively.  

I have, personally, seen symptoms. We are on a road to find causes, and solutions, but, have not had a diagnosis, nor have we tried medication. I would not want to discredit the cases in which a diagnosis and help from medication is necessary. I have seen and read success stories with medication. As a parent, it is definitely something worth researching.

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