Monday, March 24, 2014

Learning To Read and Spell The 100 Most Common Words

The first 25 most common words in the English Language make up about 1/3 of all of the printed material that we read. The first 100 most common words make up about half of all the printed material. For some children, they just need a little more specific exposure and explicit instruction than others.

We are starting our study of these words using a similar method used in Phonics Pathways. In addition, here are some ideas for ways to expose your child to these words and practice them using a multi sensory approach.

For exposure, you can:

  • Make stories together using a handful of these words.
  • Create a 100 Words Club.
  • Play BINGO with them.
  • Find them in a book, magazine, or newspaper.
  • Cut them out and hide them around your house for your child to find in a game of Hide and Seek.
  • Trace them in sand or salt or flour.
  • Make the letters with play dough.
  • Dig for them.
  • Write them with good smelling markers.
  • Use a Fly Swatter to Swat as they spell.

Here is a link to a Free Printable set of 100 Most Common Words Flashcards. You can use these to play Bingo, for any game or activity, or for a multi sensory flash card experience!

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