Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our After School Schedule

I came to the realization years ago that children do better with schedules. I have come to find out that children with ADD do really better with schedules. In fact, mommies of children with ADD do better with schedules! When we are good about sticking with it, our schedules really help them remember and me not nag! 

My two boys who need the schedules the most, do the best when there is some accountability or goal. I recently sat down with E to come up with a solution for him getting distracted and me constantly nagging. Here's about how it went:

Me: E, I've noticed that you don't really like it when I remind you about what you need to do after school. Is that true?
E: Yes. You don't have to tell me, mom. I already know.
Me: I know that you know what you are supposed to do, and I bet that's frustrating to hear me reminding you about what to do, but, sometimes our brains need reminders. Everyone needs reminders sometimes. 
I need reminders, that's why I keep a grocery list on my phone, see. (show my grocery list) 
Even doctors need reminders, dad needs reminders, etc.   
Me: I've been your reminder. Do you like me being your reminder or should we try to think of something else that works?
E:  Something else.
Me: I agree. well, sometimes doctors use checklists to help them remember what they are supposed to do. Do you want to have a checklist instead of me as your reminder?
E: Yeah.
Me: Okay, do you want to check it off as you do it or move a clip, or what?
E: I want to check it off!
Me: Great, let's go make it together and let's be thinking about a goal we can set. Maybe you can try to check off everything on your checklist with only one reminder!
E: I can do it with none!
Me: Even better! Let's start small, though, and see if you can complete it with one reminder for a week, then, next week, you can try for the ultimate goal: No reminders! Do you think you can do it?
E: Yeah!

We made the checklist and he made a goal that we will include on the list that he is going to try to do it with only 1 reminder the first week. He tallies the number of times I have to remind him.  Wish us luck! And here's a site with a simple free after school schedule checklist!

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